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Avoiding Robots in Playing Online Poker Sites

In the online poker game the cunning of devoting poker robots broke into a standard thing and was often unsettling. The average player can feel the bad days when playing DominoQq gambling if playing with poker robots. Well, this poker robot cannot be easily removed especially by ordinary players. But ordinary players can handle the arrival of poker robots with powerful tricks so the comfort of playing poker can be felt again.

Not only that, poker robots become frightened by players because they cannot but defend the game but can carry out the game as they pleased. After that the poker robot client as well as it turns out can remember the hand of all card players who bear one table. Well, most players in fact can understand the general characteristics of the arrival of the robot. The following will be exemplified by the common characteristics of the arrival of poker robots at poker tables.


Punctuation features of poker robot players at a table game include

Use of careless names

The characteristics of online poker robot players tucked in a table game are average use of his name carelessly. There are special benefits for the cultivators who plan to play poker robot with the use of a random name so that the real identity is not easily understood.

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Players cannot be bluffed

After that the player cannot be moved in any way. Then even experienced players will give up on players who reserve poker robots. Because they are very difficult to conquer because the poker robot’s lie is indeed very sophisticated.


Always win anytime

So the players always win anytime and even at any table they can easily get Progress. Now, pay attention Poker Online to players who can win at any time even they can play 24 hours nonstop because not a single player who plays valid does not feel tired.


Cannot communicate in chat

Not only that, the characteristics of the next poker robot player is that they cannot communicate with each other in chat. Indeed, the poker robot setting cannot chat and be warned so it will not be after being responded to if it invites him to communicate via chat.


Well, legitimate like that the characteristics of poker robot players are very troubling.

Tricks to Avoid Online Poker Robot Players

The right tricks to avoid online poker robot players include:

Avoid players who win frequently

The trick to avoiding poker robot players is to avoid players who often win. After it was clear that even one of the poker robot players’ instructions often won with assemblies that were beyond valid reason, they did not agree to play with that player because apparently the poker users were large.


Invite communication in chat

The 2nd surefire trick is to embrace communication in chat for the sake of one piece of information relating to the characteristics of poker robot players. Well, generally the player who can communicate in chat is the player who directs the game intact without devoting the robot then the player can see the player loaded to avoid cheating.


Embed the table

The 3rd surefire trick is to lower the table by dreaming of achieving the convenience of playing poker uang asli as online gambling. Well, plummeting the location of the table can shrink the effects of the poker robot lying which often resides on one of the poker tables.


Pay attention to assigning poker locations

The fourth surefire trick is to pay attention to referring to the most important poker position looking at excess security. The best security texture for a poker location is impossible and is easily entered by cheaters who use robots.


Once the trick is safe and avoid online poker robot players.

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